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Send and receive faxes through your email.
Check Point Simple: Internet fax. Easy as email.
Check Point Reliable: Always online. Never busy or out of paper.
Check Point Inexpensive: £6/m includes 100 sent & 200 received pages.
Check Point Mobile: Fax by email from work, home, and on the road.
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Personal & Small Business Faxing Personal & Small Business Faxing
Fax by email. £6/month
for a fax number.

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Boost your business communications with our state of the art fax service which is easy to use, dependable and won't burn a hole
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The latest Email to Fax/Fax to Email technology

No need to purchase the bulky fax machine of the past. Our advanced email to fax/fax to email technology allows you to transform up to five of your email addresses to faxing portals. Sending a fax online eliminates the need for you to stock up on paper, toner and other supplies associated with the traditional fax machine. Our email to fax/fax to email service also works with smartphones, essentially giving you a portable fax machine which you can take wherever you go. All faxes are transmitted securely and privately, so you don’t need to worry about the confidentiality of information you send online. At £6 per month, you get a features-packed online faxing package. This includes fax archiving, automatic resending failed faxes, pre-scheduled fax transmission, convenient content management, the ability to send 178 document types, real-time fax reports at no extra charge and much more!

Free Fax Number

Setting up faxing for your business has never been so cost-effective. Our subscribers can choose either a freephone or local fax number free for 30 days. We also recognize that there are businesses for which a single free fax number is not enough because of the nationwide or even international scale of their operations. In these cases, we also offer toll free and international free fax numbers. When it comes to making your business communications better, we know no boundaries.

No Fax Hardware nor Fax Software Needed

Once you subscribe to our faxing services or avail of our free trial, you can start sending faxes right away – no need to download any fax software or setup any hardware. Since our technology does not require you to install any fax software, you can send and receive faxes from all types of machines. Since there’s no fax software involved, you can send faxes from any computer or mobile phone wherever you are and whenever you need to.

Inexpensive, reliable, easy to use and packed with features – this is fax technology reimagined!
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