My Business. My Way. MyFax®


SICURO   Thanks to the encryption used by MyFax, faxes you send and receive are transmitted securely, which gives you the necessary peace of mind to focus on the key aspects of your work.


FAST   Life is much easier if you get rid of your fax machine. Send all your faxes by e-mail within seconds and your recipients will receive them as normal, whether they use a fax machine or internet faxing.


MOBILE   If you are constantly on the go, having the opportunity to send faxes wherever you are is crucial. Fortunately, MyFax has an app, which means that you can send faxes using your phone as if it were a real fax machine.

The Easiest Way to Fax

MyFax® lets you send and receive faxes digitally - without printing, scanning, or the hassle of a fax machine. You can send faxes via email, the mobile app or our website. 

Whether you run a small business, travel for work and need to fax on the road, or just want an easy solution for occasional faxing, MyFax® has you covered.

Features Included With Your MyFax® Service:


Fax by email

Send and Receive Fax by Email.

feature icon support

Free Support

We answer the phone.

feature icon mobile

Mobile App

Works with your smartphone and is free to download.


Fax Archiving

Access all your faxes online.

feature icon call

Local or Toll Free

Choose between a wide range of local and toll free numbers.

feature icon phone

No Software or Hardware

Works straight away without needing any software or hardware.


Share with 5

Link the Fax Number with up to 5 different email addresses.

feature icon file

Converts files into faxes

MyFax® accepts most file types such as PDF, DOC, TIFF... 

feature icon inbox

Never Miss Another Fax

Read your faxes directly in your inbox.

Choose a Plan That's Right For You

Bronze Plan


Send 150 and receive 200 pages a month. Cost: $10.00/month



Send 250 and receive 200 pages a month. Cost: $20.00/month


Gold Plan


Send 450 and receive 400 pages a month. Cost: $40.00/month


If you use up your free monthly fax pages we won't cut you off in the middle of an important fax. The number of included pages will vary based on send rates to certain countries.

How to Send a Fax by Email

MyFax makes sending a fax as easy as sending an email

Open a new email message, type the fax number followed by into the "To:" field.
Attach your fax document, and type a message. Hit Send.
That's it! Your recipient receives your document and cover letter exactly as they would a normal fax.

How to Receive a Fax by Email

MyFax makes receiving a fax as easy as receiving an email

A fax is sent to your fax number.
The fax is then delivered to your email .
You can then read, forward or save the fax.